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ready to bring the fun.

Lights Up! Entertainment started with our intrepid founder Josh in 2017 as a one man operation called JLR Entertainment. What began as a fun side gig soon turned into a big time operation, with some trivia events as big as 90 teams! Josh quickly realized he had something special on his hands and decided to to expand through more of the metro Atlanta area. He brought on some awesome teammates and developed more ways to entertain. We now serve up General Trivia, Themed Trivia, Music Trivia, Music Bingo and Karaoke at local bars, restaurants, private business events, parties and weddings.


Joshua Lee Robinson


Josh has a degree in theatre from Reinhardt University. He has acted in and directed numerous shows in the Atlanta area. He’s owned Lights Up! for 4 years and has been hosting events for over 10!

Joey Goldman (Host)

Joey is an Atlanta-based entertainer that is honored to work with Lights Up! Entertainment. Joey grew up in Columbus, GA and later studied acting in New York City. After graduating, he moved back to Atlanta where he met THE Joshua Lee Robinson, and the rest is history. Let’s crack a beer and have some fun y’all!

Joey Goldman, Lights Up! Entertainment
Kate Johnson, Lights Up! Entertainment

Kate Johnson (Host)

Kate has been helping with Lights Up! Entertainment events since its creation and is atingle to be a part of the team! When she’s not at Lights Up! events or on stage in an Atlanta theatre show, you can catch her at home with the Lights Up! Mascot, Otto, the one-eyed Boston Terrier. 

Stephen DeVillers (Host)

Stephen hails from the coastal Florida town of Panama City! He has made his new home here in Atlanta since 2015. He's always been a fan of having an audience to entertain so when Lights Up! Entertainment needed extra hands for entertainment purposes, this local Atlanta actor jumped at the chance.

Stephen DeVillers, Lights Up! Entertainment

Or'Rin Stinson (Host)

Or’Rin, is an improv artist from Newnan, GA who always enjoys a good time, positive vibes, and cold beer! Hobbies include watching wrestling, playing the drums, and singing in the car! Glad to be apart of the Lights Up! team, and the new heights that’ll be reached in the future!

Beth Crowley (Host)

Beth is a professional singer-songwriter who recently made her triumphant return to Georgia after living in Tennessee for the last seven years. More importantly, she is the older sister of Kate, whose effervescence and charm are anything but trivial. Find her on YouTube!

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Dom L’Amour (Host)

Born and raised in Kirkwood, Missouri, and now based in Atlanta, the oldest of Carla and John Hundley’s four children received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from Southeast Missouri State University. Dom has spent the past 14 years performing in choirs, bands, musical theatre productions, films, radio shows, commercials, and dance concerts, from St. Louis to Chicago to Los Angeles. His newest release New Art is available for purchase and streaming on all platforms, as is his first album Sweet Dreams. Dom looks forward to meeting new people and hosting many events with Lights Up!

Kyle Davis (Host)

Kyle is a teacher that loves spending time behind a microphone.  He announces high school football and basketball games and has been featured as the PA announcer for live games on Peachtree TV and Georgia Public Broadcasting. Hosting trivia parties and weddings for friends and family has now led to this sweet gig at Lights Up! Entertainment. When he’s not slinging knowledge or bingo, Kyle enjoys collecting exercise trophies, whiskey, and comic books. Kyle and his wife Jessica hope to use the money from hosting gigs to put a down payment on a castle in Ireland. Tips appreciated!


Celeste Swatling (Host)

Celeste is a Kennesaw resident who loves to play tennis and enjoys watching trashy reality TV. With a communications background and broadcasting experience, it was an easy transition to host trivia. You can find Celeste DIY-ing her house, painting murals and organizing as a professional organizer on @darkolivedecor on Instagram and TikTok.

Ellie Cordery (Professional Score Keeper)

Born and raised in Canton, Georgia, Ellie has been bringing smiles to faces for as long as she has been alive. Her least favorite activities include public speaking and karaoke, but she’s a Hell of a scorekeeper! When she’s not keeping score for Lights Up Entertainment!, you can find her curled up at home with a good book or working through yet another existential crisis. Follow her on LinkedIn at

Otto (Dog), Lights Up! Entertainment

Otto (Mascot/Dog)


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