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What's goin' on?!


6pm - Trivia @ Reformation Brewery (Smyrna)


7pm - Trivia @ The Little Hippo

7:30pm - Music Bingo @ Truck and Tap (Duluth)

7:30pm - Trivia @ Truck and Tap (Woodstock)

7:30pm - Themed Trivia @ Blue Ghost Arcade

8pm - Trivia @ Three Taverns Imaginarium


6:30pm - Trivia @ Choate BBQ  

7pm - Music Bingo @ Reformation Brewery (Canton)

7pm - Trivia @ Red's Beer Garden

7pm - Trivia @ Three Taverns Parlor

7pm - Trivia @ Tin Lizzy's (Kennesaw)

7:30 - Trivia @ Truck and Tap (Duluth)



7pm - Trivia @ Reformation Brewery (Woodstock)  

7pm - Trivia @ Atlanta Hard Cider

7pm - Trivia @ Horned Owl Brewing

7pm - Trivia @ Canton Cigar Company 

7:30pm - Music Bingo @  Truck and Tap (Alpharetta)

7:30 - Music Bingo @ Truck and Tap (Woodstock)


6pm - Karaoke @ Choate BBQ

7pm - Trivia @ Reformation Brewery (Canton)

7pm - Music Bingo @ Reformation Brewery (Smyrna)

7pm Music Bingo @ Horned Owl Brewing

7pm- Trivia @ Taco Mac Kennesaw

Every Other Thursdays

7pm Themed Trivia @ School House Brewery



8pm - 2nd Fridays

Karaoke @ Reformation Brewery (Woodstock)

8pm - 3rd Fridays

Karaoke @ Reformation Brewery (Smyrna)


8pm - 4th Fridays

Karaoke @ Reformation Brewery (Canton)

8pm - Last Fridays

Karaoke @ Blue Ghost Arcade

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Lights Up! is a treasure! The trivia is smart, fun, and keeps ya thinkin’. There’s always good music and a fun time is had by all! Ask nicely and they might sing Reba McEntire for you. Please hire Lights Up! Entertainment for all your entertainment needs.


We have such an amazing time when this group is involved!! I have never loved trivia so much.


Funny, personable, intelligent, cuddly. Truly.


My family and I have been coming to trivia for the last 3 years.  The #1 reason is that Lights Up! makes it an experience not an event.   We have brought family and friends and they all agree it’s the best.  Prizes are great, trivia is amazing.  Lights Up is the best by far!

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